Tips On Argumentative Essay Writing

Tips On Argumentative Essay Writing

Tips On Argumentative Essay Writing – In argumentative writing, effort is made by the writer to share values, convince the readers, agree with the facts mentioned, adopt the way of thinking and accept the conclusions and arguments mentioned in it. If a few important elements are kept in mind then it is possible to build a good argumentative essay.

Establishment And Clarification Of Facts

The first thing to do is establish the facts corrected in support of the argument made in the essay. The sources from where you obtain information should be reliable and should be helpful enough in references to be made in future as well. The next thing is the clarification of the relevant values in the perspective of the audience.

Prioritization And Sequence

Sequencing, prioritizing and editing of values and facts is also important while building the argument.

Emphasis On First Paragraph

Introduction of the topic comes in the first paragraph. Your point of view needs to be informed to the reader. It is only after this that the reader can be enticed with the rest of the paper.

Listing Out Facts

Considering the importance of facts, discarding, finding out what is missing, putting them in order or sequence, etc form an essential part of listing out facts. Emotional reactions or emotions can be listed and then recognized for use later. Hence, identifying the ‘hot buttons’ on the subject matter is important.

Tips On Argumentative Essay Writing

Maintain A Proper Flow

While moving from one paragraph to another you will need to maintain active voice, quote sources for establishing authority, remain focused on the point of view all through, focus on arguments that are logical enough only and avoid lapsing into the summary.


After summarizing comes the conclusion of the argument. For this you can use the opening statement or the first paragraph for reference purpose. Check whether the main ideas are restated, whether the conclusion reflects the importance or succession of the arguments or does it conclude the development of the arguments, in a logical manner or not. The formation and stating of conclusions is equally important. The audience also needs to be persuaded to accept the values shared and the facts agreed upon in the concluding part of the argumentative essay.

Reread Or Edit

Make sure you have a fresh mind at the time of editing or re-reading. Keep asking questions like whether the audience will agree with the facts or understand the values mentioned and whether the argumentative essay makes sense to you, in the first place, itself.

Be Confident

To be able to communicate in an argumentative essay, you will need to have the necessary confidence as well.
If you have your done your ultimate best in writing the argumentative essay with confidence, then you are sure to celebrate a well done job for sure. Remember that even if there is criticism, it will help in developing your persuasion powers in future. Avoid taking criticism personally, while writing argumentative essays. If important tips are kept in mind then surely you will be able to write some of the best essays to keep the reader engaged.

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