Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing

Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing

Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing

Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing

Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing – A vivid picture of a particular thing, place or person is created with the help of descriptive essay, by writers. Through a personal story, the meaning of a subject is revealed with the help of sensory and detailed observation. Power of all the senses of humans and language is employed in a descriptive essay which in turn helps in bringing to life the topic for the reader.

Job of the writer is well done if in case the reader attains a feeling that he has held that particular object, visited that particular place or met the person mentioned in the descriptive essay. For the significance of the subject, deep appreciation and emotional connection has to be felt by the reader.


• Pre-Writing Or Creating An Initial Draft

Students should dedicate time for thinking about the person or object they are describing and why. They need to make a decision on whether they want to write on the significance of a particular person in their lives or any particular object that holds meaning for them. There is no need for the topic to be unusual or popular. The subject on which student wants to write can be a favorite toy or object, a tree house, place, a grandparent or just about anything.

Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing

• Dedicate Time To Think About Qualities

After selecting the topic, the student has to next spend time in thinking about the qualities that need description. All topic related details need brainstorming. Find out details like where the person lives, location of the object, physical characteristic, ideas, feelings, memories, emotion, etc. Emotion and memory play a key role in conveying significance of the subject to the reader. Focus on each paragraph has to be planned and an outline created so that details can be put into a sequence that makes logic.

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• Avoid ‘Telling’ Ensure ‘Showing’

Follow the outline and your goal for providing the reader with an enriching experience while creating the initial draft of the subject. You need to note that telling has to be avoided in the descriptive essay. You need to ensure ‘showing’ in the descriptive essay and for this all senses have to be involved including taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch. This will enable the reader to feel what you are trying to describe.

• Reread The Work Done

The descriptive essay needs to be revised. Students will be able to reorganize, modify and review the descriptive work in the revision phase. Find out whether adequate details are provided to give a complete picture, are there any confusing words or paragraphs incorporated, is the right meaning and emotion conveyed via the figurative language and word choices, and whether a proper connection between the meaning and the description to the writer etc. is made.

Tips On Descriptive Essay Writing

Right from the time the opening paragraph to the concluding paragraph, the writer will have to keep the reader in mind. In detailing, the essay must be precise.

• Proofreading And Editing

One of the important processes in writing a descriptive essay is correcting errors and proofreading. Mechanics and grammar can be corrected, besides improving writing clarity and style. Loading of adverbs, adjectives, clichés etc need to be taken care of. Any trouble spots can be easily edited and rectified in the descriptive essay in this manner.