Udham Singh (December 26, 1899 – July 31, 1940) was also known as Ram Mohammed Singh Azad and Shaheed-Udham Singh, Udham Singh, Academic Destressor | IDBP | IGCSE - Cambridge and Baccalaureate Examsi-Azam Sardar Udham Singh, was born in Sunam, Sangrur District, Punjab.  His actions were justified as a vital step to end rule colonial rule of the British in India. He grew at an orphanage after his father’s death and left it in 1919 after matriculation. Arrests of local leaders to the Indian National Congress, resulted to lots of protests from protestors. British troops fired at them, precipitating in a riot. Around 20,000 protestors without arms, gathered on April 13, 1919 at Jallianwala Bagh where Udham and friends were serving water to the people there.

Without giving any warning, Dyer ordered his troops to fire at people. Around 1500 were killed trying to jump into the well and climbing park walls for protection. This great martyr was the Indian revolutionary known well for assassinating the former Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Michael O’Dyer on July 24, 1940, in British India. The assassination in 1919 was to avenge the massacre in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar. Udham Singh was influenced deeply by Bhagat Singh and was involved in revolutionary politics. In an effort to overthrow colonial rule, he joined the Ghadar Party but was arrested for possessing unlicensed arms and imprisoned for 5 years. He was hanged at Pentonville Prison on July 31, 1940.