Understanding UCAS

Advisory offices and schools do a lot for students and almost everything is centered round them. Following appropriate and desired pathways and being successful in the process, is something which every school and advisory office desires. Accordingly top quality staff are employed in both, administrative and teaching sections at ITS who care most for achievements of students.

About ITS

In Asia, is an accredited, non mainstream school. Recognized in 2010, it is a complete Edexcel Academic Centre. Just like traditional or mainstream schools, candidates can be accepted, prepared and invigilated by ITS, a UCAS centre. It is non-selective and results are significantly better. Students of ITS can make the most of UCAS services. Students studying at other institutions are also offered UCAS services. It is at the British Council that listing of the placement service is done. In a range of ways, it works with a number of reputed corporations. Once an ITS student, you will get a chance to win top places at some of the best universities across the world.
Teaching Faculty

Teaching staff at ITS is highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields. They come from many recognized universities of excellence all across the globe including MIT in the United States, LSE and UCL in United Kingdom, Imperial College, Cambridge and Oxford. Another thing about teachers at ITS is that local institutions and schools employ them.

Online And Virtual Classrooms

It was in August 2013 that both a school platform online as well as a virtual classroom was implemented by ITS. To meet national qualifications in UK like International A-levels, GCE and International GCSE, both distance learning and live learning have been combined by ITS and it is the first one to do this.

Diploma In Fashion

A great place to attain a Fashion Diploma is ITS. Many of the institutions in UK, now recognize ITS diplomas. Students attaining this diploma can go places with a guarantee for sure.

Benefits To Enjoy While Taking Education At ITS

  • As compared to traditional school, it proves to be a great alternative.
  • If you wish to learn at home, excellent support is provided by experts.
  • Real teachers will help you in your existing studies by providing additional support.
  • During summer vacation, the finest academic camps can be accessed.
  • Learning at ITS is a great pathway to universities and colleges all over the globe.
  • An internet connection is all that is required to access learning.
  • Options are quite flexible in hours per week for classroom workload.
  • To achieve desired qualifications, it is indeed a flexible option.
  • Students have better control over their learning when they undertake education at ITS.
  • Academic portfolio is easier to expand, by attaining extra qualifications at ITS.


To know more about ITS all that students need to do is keep browsing the website and check out various choices on offer. Calls can also be made to ITS besides which emails too can be sent if you have any queries.

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