Vamsee Juluri

Author: Vamsee Juluri

Profile: Vamsee Juluri is a professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco. He completed his education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  In the year 1999 he received a PhD in Communication. Vamsee Juluri has written for various publications including Huffington Post, Times of India and The Indian Express.

The California Board of Education, (California textbook controversy over Hindu history) had put forth textbooks for which Vamsee Juluri played an important role as a lead petitioner in the struggle by Indian origin academics the efforts to address the nations of historical British India as “South Asia’. Efforts taken by Juluri turned into a huge movement resulting into dismissal and review of many changes in the Syllabus of History Social Science Frameworks.

Writing style: Vamsee Juluri’s area of research is globalization of media audiences focussing more on Gandhian philosophy, cinema, violence, television, religion and mythology. Recurring themes like violence and tradition in Bollywood have been analyzed by him and accordingly published a number of essays and papers.

Published Texts: Essays

2003 – Becoming a Global Audience: Longing and Belonging in Indian Music Television

2013 – Bollywood Nation: India Through Its Cinema

2015 – Rearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia and the Return of Indian Intelligence

2018 – Nine Days in Kishkindha: A Memoir about Hanuman, Hampi and My Father

2018 – Writing Across a Cracked World: Hindu Representation and the Logic of Narrative


2010 – The Mythologist

2016 – Saraswati’s Intellgence (The Kishkindha Chronicles #1)

2020 – The Firekeepers of Jwalapuram (The Kishkindha Chronicles, #2)


Awards and Acknowledgements:

Vamsee Juluri has been quoted or interviewed on media matters in India-Abroad, KQED’s Forum, BBC World Service, PRI, KPIX-CBS, Al Jazeera Television and The Christian Monitor. He has also received the College of Arts and Sciences in the Media Award.

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