Author: Virgil

Profile: Publius Vergilius Maro was popularly known as Virgil or Vergil in English. Virgil was an ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period. Virgil was born near Mantua, Cisalpine Gaul, Roman Republic, in Virgilio, Italy and died in Brindisium, Roman Empire, Italy. He completed his education in Cremona, Rome, Mediolanum and Naples. Initially he considered a brief career in law in his younger days in law and rhetoric after which his talents diverted to poetry. When he was 5 years old, Virgil received his first education after which he studied medicine, rhetoric, astronomy and then abandoned these subjects for philosophy

The Georgics, the Eclogues and the epic Aeneid are three of his most well known poems in Latin literature. He is also accredited to a number of minor poems collected in the Appendix Vergiliana. Some of his popular movies include Georgica, Eneide, Dido & Aeneas: Mark Morris Dance Group and The Avenger and Didone abbandonata.

He was pioneer of the Augustan poetry literary movement. He is ranked as one of the greatest poets of Rome, traditionally. Since the time, Aenied was composed (which was modelled after Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad) follows the Trojan refugee Aeneas, as he works hard in fulfilling his destiny so as to reach Italy at the place where Remus and Romulus his descendants were to found the city of Rome. Aenied was considered as the national epic of ancient Rome.

Writing style: Virgil’s genre was epic poetry, pastoral poetry and didactic poetry.

Published Texts:


The Eclogues

The Georgics

The Aeneid

Collection of poems in the Appendix Vergiliana




Dido & Aeneas: Mark Morris Dance Group

The Avenger and Didone abbandonata

Awards and Acknowledgements:

Western literature has been strongly and widely influenced by Virgil’s work especially the popular Divine Comedy of Dante in which Virgil appears as the guide of Dante thro ugh Hell and Purgatory.

Virgil’s reputation during the Middle Ages, was an inspiration such that it inspired legends associating him with prophecy and magic.

Around second century A.D. the works of Virgil were observed as having magical properties and were utilized for divination

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