Waiting for Godot

Author: Beckett, Samuel


Beckett, Samuel was an Irish playwright, poet, novelist, theatre director and literary translator. He spent most of his adult life in Paris. He was born on 13th April 1906 at Foxrock, Republic of Ireland and died on 22nd December 1989 in Paris, France. He wrote in both French and English.


Two tramps Vladimir and Estragon wait for M. Godot’s arrival by a sickly tree. The long wait makes them quarrel, try to sleep, contemplate suicide, gnaw on chicken bones and carrot. Tired about not doing anything they begin taking Waiting for Godot : Beckett,Samuel, Waiting for Godot : Beckett, Samuel, about their wait and the tree. Finally discussing about their sorry state, they both settle down.

In the middle, a grotesque scene is performed by a slave and his master which are the other 2 characters. In the meantime the tree sprouts a few leaves and the two tramps continue their wait for Godot. After trying out some entertainment for the two tramps, the master and slave eventually leave. A young boy comes to inform that Godot will come to see them the next day. After night falls, the tramps leave, return the following day and continue waiting for Godot. Life’s eternal hopelessness is permeated in each aspect of this story.