What Does The SAT Reading Test Focus Upon

SAT Reading Test: The SAT Reading Test focuses on knowledge and skills about things you have learnt at high school and stuff that will be required to attain success in college.  In other words, the test lays emphasis on the heart of education. The test is regarding how you take in information and think about information and how you use that information which you have been doing for many years. The test is not about how well definitions and facts have been memorized, so there is no need of cramming all night, or using insider tricks or flashcards in preparation of the test.

Some Quick Facts About The SAT Reading Test

  • All questions are based on passages and are multiple choice questions
  • No test is taken on prior topic-specific knowledge
  • Certain passages are paired with other passages
  • Charts, graphs, tables and other informational graphics accompany certain passages, however no math is needed.
  • A part of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section

What Exactly Is A Reading Test

You have to read passages and interpret informational graphics, when you take the Reading Test. Whatever information is read is then used for answering the questions. You may be required to locate an idea or piece of information directly, as per some of the questions. There is also a need to understand implications of the words used by the author. Reading in between the lines, is what you need to do, in other words.

What Is Included In The Reading Test

Reading skills need to be applied in subjects of all sorts to attain success in college and career. To perform well in the Reading Test you these skills will be need as well. In the Reading Test, the following is included:

  • A varied selection about sociology, psychology, economics or any other social science
  • One passage from contemporary or classic work of world literature or US
  • Two science passages (or one passage pair or one passage) that explores developments and foundational concepts in Biology, Earth Science, Physics or Chemistry
  • A pair of passages or one passage from a text or document text in Great Global Conversation or a US founding document, they inspired – An example would be a speech by Nelson Mandela or the U.S. Constitution

What Exactly Does The Reading Test Evaluate

Reading takes a lot more than you think and a range of reading skills are evaluated in the Reading Test.

Importance Of Finding Evidence

  • Certain questions will ask you the following:
  • To recognize how evidence is used by authors to support their claims
  • Identifying evidence in a pair of passages or passage that supports the answer best to a previous question or that proves to be as a basis to arrive at a rational conclusion
  • Identify the relationship between the informational graphic and the passage it is being matched with

Focus On Widely Used Words

A number of questions generally focus on words in context, on phrases and words widely used in texts in various subjects. The words are mostly the ones that used generally even after the test day, at the workplace, college etc.

Testing Your Ability In The SAT

You are tested on your decision about how the author’s choice of word shapes the tone, style and meaning.

How you use context clues of the passage to identify which meaning of a phrase or word is being used

Analysis In Science, Social Studies And History

Different passages in the fields of Science, Social Studies and History are included in the Reading Test. Questions requiring you to draw on reading skills best needed in those subjects will be asked. For example if you read an experiment then the questions that may be asked are like ‘consider implications’, ‘Interpret data’ or ‘Examine hypothesis’. It must be noted that answers are based only on the content implied by the passage by the passage or stated in the passage.

Become An Editor In The SAT Writing And Language Test

You are asked to actually become an editor in the SAT Writing and Language Test and thus improve the passages written for the test especially and that include errors on purpose. An important thing for you to note is that it is about the core of education: the things that you have learned in high school for years. Attempt the Writing and Language sample questions directly.

While Writing And Editing, Do These Three Vital Things:

  • Read
  • Identify Weaknesses And Mistakes
  • Rectify Them

The best thing is that these things can be done with the help of a friend at the time of proofreading your very own workshop essays or school work.

Problems can be spotted and corrected with the help of practical skills. The Test analyses the stuff you have been studying in high school and the stuff required to attain success in college.

Truth Of The Matter

  • Prior knowledge on the topic is never tested
  • All questions are based on passages or are multiple choice questions
  • The Writing and Language Test is a part of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section
  • Certain passages are accompanied by informational graphics like charts, graphs and tables – however math is not needed.

What Is Needed For The Test Day

  • Not many things are required on the test day, in fact you will be better off by leaving a lot of things at home itself.
  • Prepare long before the test day.
  • Check out test centre closings posted on the College Board, few days before every test date.  During bad climatic conditions, before leaving the test centre check test centre closing both on Friday night as well as Saturday morning.

·        You need to take the Admission Ticket, two No. 2 pencils with erasers, Acceptable photo ID, an approved calculator and if required Epinephrine auto-injectors which are  permitted without the need for accommodations. During testing they must be kept in a clear bag and stored under the student’s desk.

·        Take a print of your Admission Ticket

·        A watch (Audible alarm is not allowed)

·        A backpack or bag

·        Additional batteries and backup equipment

·        Do take snacks or refreshment for the break time

·        Have breakfast before arriving for the test