Where Can I find my IB Diploma

Where Can I find my IB Diploma

To find your IB diploma, you can try the following:

Contact your school: Start by reaching out to the school where you completed your International Baccalaureate (IB) program. They should be able to provide information on how and when you can obtain your IB diploma. This is typically the most direct and reliable option.

IB coordinator or school administration: Get in touch with your school’s IB coordinator or the administrative office. They will have access to your records and can guide you on how to obtain your IB diploma. They may require you to complete certain paperwork or provide identification to ensure the diploma is released to the correct person.

Online IB Candidate Results website: Log in to the IB Candidate Results website at https://candidates.ibo.org using your personal login credentials. There may be an option to download or access a digital copy of your IB diploma or related documents. This feature might not be available in all cases, but it’s worth checking.

IB Regional Office: If you are unable to retrieve your IB diploma through your school, you can reach out to the IB Regional Office that oversees your region. They can provide guidance and support on diploma-related matters. You can find the contact information for your specific IB Regional Office on the official International Baccalaureate website.

Remember to have your personal identification information and any relevant details about your IB program readily available when contacting your school or the IB organization. They will likely need this information to assist you effectively.