Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Title: Wolf Hall

Author: Hilary Mantel

Context: Wolf Hall is a historical fiction novel by Hilary mantel set in England in the 1500s. Wolf Hall a novel about power is a voluminous fictional narrative presenting the rise of Thomas Cromwell to becoming the principal advisor to King Henry VIII of England. The novel was praised for its complex portrayal and magnificent scope of the subject presented.

Synopsis: In the 1520s England is a on the verge of disaster. It there is no heir to the throne when the king dies, then the Civil War could destroy the country. King Henry VIII has plans of annul his twenty year marriage with Catherine of Aragon and get married to Anne Boleyn. King Henry is opposed not only by the European countries but also by the Pope.

The situation is at a standstill till a charmer, a completely original man, both an opportunist and idealist and a bully, a blacksmith’s boy named Thomas Cromwell steps in. He is acutely sharp-witted and unappeasable in his ambition. Gradually he becomes the right hand of King Henry. On the other hand, King Henry is a volatile person, at times being a murderous man and one day kind and tender. Cromwell helps King Henry in breaking the opposition however this triumph is definitely to cost something.

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