Writing an Argumentative Essay

How To Write An Effective Argumentative Essay

While writing an effective argumentative essay a basic format can be followed which includes the introduction, the body, the first point with supporting information, followed by other points with supporting information and last of all, the conclusion. An argumentative essay and a persuasive essay are quite similar but have some differences that are distinct.

The Planning Stage

If the argumentative essay has to be effective, certain elements must be contained in it. For planning, you will need to spend a few minutes in preparation for the jump.

Identifying A Good Topic

Issues or topics have conflicting view points and conclusions that are different should be considered. Identify a topic that could spark or attract your interest. Just being interested in the topic isn’t enough. Adequate evidence and reasoning will be required, in support, or for providing a back up to the topic. Logical and reasonable explanations will need to be provided. Various points need to be listed mentally so that they can be used as evidence against that topic or issue. As you explore the topics, make a mental list of points you could use as evidence for or against an issue.

Main Objective

In an argumentative essay the main objective is showing that you have an argument that is valid enough to present. The argument allows the reader to disagree, agree or adopt the position, you are in. In the case of a persuasive essay, the main aim is winning over the reader to agree to your argument. An opposing argument can be refuted and your position can be substantiated by making the best use of evidence in an argumentative essay. In the case of a persuasive essay, there is a debate on only one side of the topic or issue and the opposing view is acknowledged. An important feature of the argumentative essay is that it is the composition’s main organization.

Formats To Adopt

Different ways can be adopted to format the argumentative essay for example the claim or the counter claim format, the cluster format and the alternating format. These formats differ on the basis of number of points, length of the assignment and the claims and counter claims presented.

Begin Writing

Once the format is decided upon, then you can begin writing. The thesis needs to be stated in an objective manner. Avoid using the first person. Next, make the best use of facts to provide a backup for your thesis. You can use various evidences, quotations from experts and statistical information to provide not only support to the thesis but as a rebuttal to the counter claims made. Solid evidence should be provided to all the counter claims made.

Make Concessions

Also make concessions, while anticipating objections and researching the material. This will enable you in researching and writing the thesis as if a person is being debated with in real and not just on a piece of paper. Avoid using your opinion as a substitute for facts. Holding up to the objections and counter claims becomes easier only if solid evidence is provided.

In an argumentative essay, there is no need for winning over the reader to your side. However, the main objective must be persuading the reader to either disagree or agree with your position and accept this position as another view point for further discussion and thought.

Take Points From Both Sides Of The Issue

For both sides of the argument in consideration, you will need to list a few points. Both sides need to be present along with an assessment after which one side can be concluded as the best one.


A few tips to be followed while writing the argumentative essay include avoiding any emotional language, making up evidences or citing your own evidence. Understand the main difference between that emotional view point and logical conclusion, make a proper outline and be prepared to defend your view point by understanding the strongest of arguments of the opposite side. There are chances of being challenged by another student or teacher, so defend yourself well in the argumentative essay.