Into the Wild by Jon KrakauerInto the Wild by Jon Krakauer

“Into the Wild” is a non-fiction book by Jon Krakauer, published in 1996. The book tells the story of Christopher McCandless, a young man from a wealthy family who graduated from college and then decided to leave his privileged life behind and venture into the wilderness of Alaska. McCandless’s journey

Black Boy by Richard WrightBlack Boy by Richard Wright

“Black Boy” is a memoir by Richard Wright, published in 1945. The book tells the story of Wright’s childhood and young adulthood in the segregated South, as well as his move to the North in search of better opportunities. The book is widely regarded as a classic of African American

In Search of Lost TimeIn Search of Lost Time

“In Search of Lost Time” is a novel written by French author Marcel Proust. The novel, originally published in seven volumes between 1913 and 1927, is considered one of the greatest literary works of the 20th century. The novel tells the story of the narrator’s life, from his childhood in

The Red and the BlackThe Red and the Black

“The Red and the Black” is a novel written by French author Stendhal (pen name of Marie-Henri Beyle), first published in 1830. The novel is set in France in the early 19th century and tells the story of a young man named Julien Sorel, who comes from a poor family