Chapter 1:
• Description – conditioning center
• Bokanovsky’s Process
• Podsnap’s Technique
• Decanting Process
• Introduction – Lenina

Chapter 2:
• Experiment – Infants
• Hypnopedia
• Conditioning of social hierarchy (colors they wear, work done)

Chapter 3:
• Description of the game centrifugal bumble puppy
• First case of identifying difference with abnormality with the conditioning center (child not complying with rules of sensual game)
• Introduction – Mustafa Mond World Controller
• Introduction – Bernard Marx
• Evidence – Bernard’s oddity

Chapter 4:
• Lenina and Henry Foster’s date
• Evidence – Bernard’s inferiority complex (incident of interaction with the delta minus attendants
• Introduction – Helmholtz Watson

Chapter 5:
• Evidence – Phosphorus recovery after death
• The Westminster Abbey Cabaret
• Solidarity Service

Chapter 6:
• Bernard and Lenina’s date (differences between the two)
• Meeting between the DHC and Bernard (discussion revealing the possible existence of Linda and John)
• Introduction – Savage Reservation

Chapter 7:
• Imagery – Savage Reservation
• Ritual at Malpais
• Introduction – John
• Interaction – Bernard, Lenina and John
• Introduction – Linda

Chapter 8:
• Interaction – Bernard and John and John’s memories of his childhood
• Introduction – Pope
• Linda being beaten by the tribal women
• Linda slapping John
• Linda’s memories of the Conditioning Center
• Tribal belief in God and creation
• Boys stoning John
• Linda teaching John
• Impact of complete works of William Shakespeare
• John attacking Pope
• Mitsima teaching John
• Marriage ritual in Savage Reservation
• Evidence of John’s love for Kiakimé
• Antelope Kiva ritual
• Bernard and Johns interaction prior to leaving for the conditioning center
• John exclaims ‘Brave New World’

Chapter 9:
• Bernard Reporting Linda and John to the world controller
• John using Shakespeare to identify feelings for Lenina

Chapter 10:
• Meeting between DHC, Linda and John

Chapter 11:
• Linda’s soma holiday
• Change in Bernard’s attitude
• Evidence of John not being impressed by the conditioning center
• Incident – Eton school
• Lenina’s revelation to Fanny about her feelings for John
• Lenina and John at the feelies

Chapter 12:
• Johns refusal to attend Bernard’s party
• Mustapha Mond’s belief on happiness
• Confrontation between Bernard and John
• Helmholtz writing about solitude and being reprimanded by seniors
• Friendship – Helmholtz and the savage
• Evidence – Bernard’s jealousy
• Helmholtz ridiculing the concept of parents and their interference in relationships

Chapter 13:
• Evidence – human error resulting in grave futuristic mutation (Lenina working while thinking of John)
• John refusing Lenina’s overtures
• John gets the news of Linda’s inevitable death

Chapter 14:
• Johns anger at the interference of the alpha twins and his moments with his dying mother

Chapter 15:
• Rebellion against soma ration at the Park Lane hospital

Chapter 16:
• Mustapha Mond dealing Bernard, Helmholtz and John
• Cyprus experiment
• Helmholtz’s choice of the Falkland islands

Chapter 17:
• Mustapha Mond and John discussing God

Chapter 18:
• Johns departure from the conditioning center to the lighthouse
• John adjusting to new environment
• John discovered by the delta minus land workers
• John confronts the representative with the hourly radio
• Darwin Bonaparte Big-Game photographer observing John
• Members of the conditioning center urging John to whip himself
• John confronts Lenina
• John’s suicide