Analysis of The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Title: The Crucible

Author: Arthur Miller


Context: The Crucible (1953) is a post colonial novel by Arthur Miller. It is dramatized and partly fictionalized tale of witch trials that took place during the period 1692-1993 at a town named Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Synopsis: A group of girls along with Tituba, a black slave go dancing into the forest, in Salem, Massachusetts, the Puritan town in New England. Reverend Parris, a local minister, spots them while they are all dancing. Betty is one of the daughter’s of Reverend Parris who falls into a coma-like state. Lots of people gather around her home and the town is filled with rumors of witchcraft. An expert on witchcraft, Reverend Hale is called to look into the situation. He interrogates the ringleader, named Abigail Williams of the girls group about things that occurred in the forest. Abigail is the ward and niece of Parris. He declares that besides dancing, he doesn’t do anything else.

Reverend Parris puts in all efforts to calm the group of people gathered in his house. In fact he speaks to some of the girls, asking them not to agree to anything. A local farmer named John Proctor comes into the picture takes Abigail aside and talks to him alone. Actually, during the previous year, Abigail was employed at the Proctor’s house and was involved in an affair with him. Elizabeth, fired her husband John Proctor, however Abigail still is in love with Proctor. However he decides to fend her off and makes her understand the she should end her foolishness with the group of girls.

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