Author: Rajashree

Profile: Rajashree is an award winning Indian bestselling novelist and film maker. Rajashree is known to have a genuine comic talent as a writer. She is born in India and has learnt direction at the Film and Television Institute of India, Poona. She has also assisted the popular film Directors, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mansoor Khan. Rajashree has been working in the film industry in Mumbai soon after she finished learning studying film direction at the Film and Television Institute of India.

Right from childhood she was a film buff. After studying direction of films, she has been working in Mumbai. Rajashree began writing a novel at the age of nine years. She speaks a mixture of Hindi, English and Marathi, which she uses as a glorious mish-mash called Hinglish in her novels as well.

She has independently mentored and produced more than twenty five short films, worked as producer on Indian Idol, the famous TV show, worked in the marketing and public relations field and also worked on the theatrical release of two low-budget feature films.

The Sunday Telegraph and The Times of India have declared, her novel, Trust Me as one of the biggest-selling Indian Chick lit novels. The novel has topped The Asian Age and The Afternoon bestseller lists. Trust Me a very entertaining romance and light hearted comedy, offers attractive reading, right from the start to the end, the most enjoyable read a reader can have.


Writing style: Rajashree’s genre is romantic comedy and Chick lit.

Published Texts:

Trust Me – Novel

The Rebel – Film

Awards and Acknowledgements:

National Film Award for Best Short Fiction Film

Trust Me is the biggest chick lit best-selling novel.

Her film, The Rebel, written and directed by her was screened at a number of film festivals.

National Award and the Golden Ten Award for her film, The Rebel

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