Ten Best Books for Adolescents – 13 to 18

Top10 Books For Adolescents (13-18)

1. The Boy Who Dared

Writer: Susan Campbell Bartoletti

This is a fictionalized biography of Helmuth Hubener, a teenager from Germany. He was imprisoned and in 1942 he was executed for openly resisting the Nazis.

2. Twilight (Collector’s Edition) The Twilight Saga

Writer: Stephanie Meyer

Isabella Swan makes a boring move from Washington to a perpetually rainy town called Forks. She meets Edward Cullen, most alluring and mysterious vampire who keeps his identity a secret in small community. Isabella’s life takes a terrifying and thrilling turn. Both of them find themselves on a knife’s edge between danger and desire. This is a love story with a bite.

3. Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle)

Writer: Christopher Paolini

The story is about Eragon, a 15 year old who believes he is a poor farm boy till the revelation of his destiny as a Dragon Rider. Advice from a sage story teller, a lovely dragon, and an ancient sword are the gifts he had and is soon swept to a tapestry of power, magic and glory that is truly dangerous. Whether to destroy or save the empire are the choices left with him.

4. Stormbreaker Tie-In Novel (Alex Rider)

Writer: Anthony Horowitz

14 year old Alex Rider’s uncle, Ian who was his guardian is killed mysteriously. He discovers that Ian was a not a vice president of a bank but a British Government spy. The government wants Alex to take over Ian’s missions.

5.The Astonishing Life Of Octavian Nothing, Traitor To The Nation

Writer: M.T. Anderson

The story is about Octavia who escapes from his captors and in 1775 joins the British Army’s Royal Ethiopian Regiment at Boston. A promise is made by the British Army that any slave who fights the rebel forces will be awarded freedom.

6. Fledgling (Jason Steed)

Writer: Mark A. Cooper The story is about Jason Steed, an arts expert, who spends his summer on the British Navy Frigate as a sea cadet, off the coast of Jakarta when they are attacked by rebel forces. Kids in dozens are killed in the attack. On the Jakarta coast, Jason is stranded along with the special ops team which is on a suicide mission. Jason is exhausted and starving has to summon the will of rescuing the team which has been captured and save his nation from a nuclear war.

7. New Moon (The Twilight Saga)

Writer Stephanie Meyer

This book is a combination of suspense and romance with a supernatural twist. The theme is on star crossed lovers, Edward and Bella who find a new obstacle that includes dangerous wolves in the Forks forests and a dangerous separation. They also experience a revengeful threat for a female vampire and encounter with Volturi, a royal family of vampires.

8. Tales Of The Madman Underground

Writer: John Barnes

During school, kids force Karl to attend the group therapy of the Madman Underground group. Karl distances himself from the remaining students within the therapy group of the school which is known as the Madman Underground. He has to act normal but he has an unhinged mother who is drunk, a dead father and a huge attitude.

9. Blood Fever (Young Bond, Book2)

Writer: Charlie Higson

James Bond is back to Eton after his Scottish Highlands adventure. He looks forward to the trip from school during the summer vacation to Sardinia, the beautiful island in Italy and spends time with Victor a reclusive cousin. Strange secrets in the peaceful harbor at the island are discovered by James. Victor’s home is ransacked and important artwork is stolen. James discovers that a ruthless Roman society, Millennaria is still active though it was thought to have been extinguished.

10. Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Writer: Stephanie Meyer

Bella is in love with a vampire which is both a nightmare and fantasy for her. She is passionately attracted to Edward on one side and there is her connection with Jacob Black, the werewolf on the other. She is led to an ultimate turning point in a tumultuous year full of strife, loss and temptation. The story has an anticipated conclusion that is breathless and astonishing.

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