Three important soliloquies in Julius Caesar


Three important soliloquies in Julius Caesar

Three important soliloquies in Julius Caesar – Julius Caesar by Shakespeare is a powerful play. Which human emotions, love, hatred and other baser qualities finely etched out on the characters of the play. The whole play revolves around the popularity of Caesar and the so called nationalist putting an end to Caesar’s life only to be killed by the people who loved Caesar.

Cassius capitalizes on the feelings of Brutus. Who had begun to think that Caesar was becoming arrogant and might grow into tyrant. In the soliloquy of Cassius his evil plans to make Brutus believe that the country was in danger are evident. Cassius knew that Caesar loved Brutus and that Brutus would not take any cruel step against Caesar whom he hated. So he decides to put anonymous letters through the window into Brutus’ house. This he feels would inspire Brutus to rise against Caesar and kill him. This soliloquy is very pertinent in this play because it results in Brutus becoming anti Caesar.

Another soliloquy in this play by Shakespeare is the one by Brutus who is putting forth his reasons for killing Caesar. Brutus is proving his point by stating that he had no personal grievance against Caesar. Taking into consideration the way Caesar was becoming tyrannical he deserved to be killed. Brutus feels that with power Caesar would be ruled by emotions than reasons and such a leadership would spoil the spirit of Republic of Rome.

Three important soliloquies in Julius Caesar

Caesar, according to Brutus would forget the path he treads to reach the top, dictate and misuse his power. So Brutus wanted to kill Caesar before he reached such heights. It is compared to killing a dangerous serpent in the egg itself. This soliloquy is significant as it exposes the true motive of Brutus in planning to kill Caesar. The same Brutus declared to the people “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more” after killing Caesar.

The soliloquy by Mark Antony is heart rending and it shows Antony’s love for Caesar. He weeps over the dead Caesar and asks for pardon that he was still very mild with the butchers of Caesar. All that he could do was curse the hands that killed Caesar. He vows over the mutilated Caesar that there would be civil strife creating havoc in the nation. mark curses that the limbs of the murderers would be damaged.

He also feels that the spirit of Caesar would take revenge on the people who cheated on him. His words of condemnation is very strong, he says the stench of the foul work is rising above the earth and was to end with civil war. His prophecy comes true we learn; rather he initiates this and finally takes his revenge after ensuring that Brutus and Cassius die a cruel death.