Advantages and Disadvantages of Mining

The most common and obvious advantage to any kind of mining is the financial part of it. Plus the material which is used for mining can be used for different purposes like mining coal for fuel etc. Mining supplies the raw materials like metal, coal which is needed for different purposes like building and maintaining the modern industries and thereby controlling the economy. The major threat is towards the environment. Every type of mining is detrimental to the environment and the only difference is that some type is more dangerous than the other. This is because mining involves complete destruction and devastation of the environment and it can get controversial because the environment lovers are more in all the parts of the country.

Ill-effects of Mining


People are realising the ill-effects of mining and also realising how it has an impact on the environment. Mining like water production, coal slag and strip mining can destroy both underground and surface environments. It destroys the resources rather than the reuse of existing materials or use of materials easily available in the surface. The typical example is hydropower, solar power instead of coal and uranium. Mining is dangerous threat for the people engaged in it. They will have to face problems like cave-ins, explosions, dangerous gas inhalation, black-lung disease, asbestosis, silicosis and sickness through radiation.

Accidents may happen in all the fields, why even on roads and it cannot be avoided. But the chances of accidents in mining are more when compared to the other fields. But mining is essential for the modern society because of the products which you use necessarily or unnecessarily are made through products made out of mining. Products like gold, diamonds, etc are taken out through mining with the permission of governments and it provides a lot of jobs for the miners. Mining take care of millions of people all over the world.

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Electricity from Coal

Electricity which is necessary for many day to day use, come from coal, gas or oil which is all taken out through mining. Even the computer which you use everyday has about 37 materials that come from mining. Such is the importance of mining is everybody’s life. Iron, which is used in many daily use materials, is taken out through mining. Same is the case with copper, platinum, titanium, aluminium and many more. Many of the advanced nations have started using environmental controls, worker safety devices and robotics to do most of the mining activities.

There will be major issues when mining is completely stopped because many of the products will be unavailable in the market and the world will come to a standstill. The only way to avoid this is to do the mining, whatever maybe the product, in a responsible way and taking care of the environment, because without a healthy environment there is no world or life in the world. Most of the governments are coming out with strict rules regarding mining to avoid the misuse which happens through illegal mining. Environment abuse is bad for all living creatures in the world.