International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a certification for secondary studies which prepares students for the A Level, International Baccalaureate and BTEC Level 3. This is what meets the eye. IGCSE actually does much more thanIGCSE Literature Poetry that. That is why this course is sought after, and most reputed universities prefer students who have an IGCSE certificate. One its popular programmes is IGCSE Literature Poetry. The course is designed in such a way that the students not only learn and interpret poems but they are made capable of evaluating them too.

The Best of Poems in IGCSE Literature Poetry

The IGCSE Literature Poetry course offers three sets of poems for the students to choose from. The first two sets have poems of renowned poets from all over the world. The poems of early poets and the modern ones form the syllabus for this course. What better exposure can a student get than when he or she is reading Emily Bronte, Charlotte Mew, Wilfred Owen, Alfred Lord Tennyson, William Blake and more? The poems of Gillian Clarke form one set. Her poems have been used in this course for more than thirty years. With such a repertoire of poems, the students not only learn to evaluate, they are sure to appreciate poems and take it beyond the limits of exams and certificates.

The IGCSE Literature Poetry course is designed to meet global standards. Even while meeting global standards, it does not lose its focus on local relevance. To make the students lifelong learners is the core belief of this programme. The syllabus, teachers, support materials are all structured to meet this core belief. When the core belief is vast and encompassing, it is only natural that the structure of the programme is of the best quality. There is a thought that study of literature should not be structured as it requires more of creative work. IGCSE believes that creativity can be built only upon a basic structure.

Excellent Support System for IGCSE Literature Poetry

To meet this end there are enough guides, pointers, support system, assessment that will build the base and make the foundation of the language very strong. From this point, when the poem is read well, the students are capable of analysing the work and also appreciate other works of these poets. The board works with a range of resources. Teachers are given enough and periodical support to keep up with the changing times.