Banes of global warming

Lot is spoken about global warming and much is being done too. This is because earth becoming warm is definitely not a good sign. Before we go to the banes of global warming we need to know how the earth is getting warmer. This is because of the green house gases. These are gases, of which the common ones are carbon-di-oxide, water vapour and methane, which trap the heat and energy from the sun. It is because of these gases that the earth remains warm otherwise it would have been a cold planet with no life on it. However the same green house gases are creating problems because of man-made issues.

Greenhouse Gases

With more factories, more vehicles on road, water and air, greener house gases are released into the atmosphere. This in turn radiates more heat back to the earth and global warming happens. There is nothing good about global warming only banes and there are many organisations which are working to a better earth and making this place a better place to live in for our descendants. Global warming is one of the reasons for many of the natural disasters that are taking place. It affects the individual’s health and affects the earth as a whole.

The biggest and most important and evident bane of global warming is the change in climate. As the word global warming suggests earth becoming hotter, most issues are by products of this factor. Global warming is increasing the sea level. Since 1880 it has gone up by 8 inches and this causes great risks to low lying areas near the sea. The coastal properties are bound to be affected soon. Many coastal cities along with renowned monuments are facing the risk of getting submerged in water.

Problems – A Vicious Cycle

Shorter springs, longer summers are making areas dry for a longer period of time. This has increased the wildfire occurrences and these wildfires are lasting for longer time. The greenery and vegetation is lost more often in a year. This has the cyclic effect of reducing rainfall which again will cause more heat. This has also resulted in increased heat waves all across the world especially in the last sixty years. This poses a threat to human life as many more people are subjected to heat exhaustion and severe medical conditions and are dying due to heat strokes. The areas coming under drought is also on the rise. Droughts and floods have known to wipe out civilizations; therefore we have to foresee great risks with global warming. Droughts eat into the food supplies.

Along with floods come many communicable diseases and there can be an outbreak of epidemics that will take scores of lives. Extreme temperatures are seen and when it is cold it is really cold bring about cold waves and deaths along with it. When the atmosphere is polluted by carbon-di-oxide the pollutants are more prevalent. Allergens are increasing and diseases caused by this are on the rise. The coral reefs are also affected by the rise in temperature. The food chain that has been in place for millions of years is being affected by global warming. Worldwide awareness about the severity of issues of global warming has to be taken up by all the countries of the world.

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