Boons and Banes of Tourism

Tourism is one of the most popular industries in world and it is not only the act of travel for recreation but also the provision of services for this act. This is one industry which will occupy local services like entertainment, catering, accommodation etc. But the belief that tourism brings in benefits alone is a false notion. Tourism has many disadvantages also. Most of the countries encouraging tourism as an industry depend only on travel expenditures by foreigners as a source of taxation. These taxes collected are also treated as the income for the enterprises. So it is quite natural for the government to develop tourism in that particular region to increase the commerce through exporting goods and services.

Provide Direct Employment

The industry is good because it provide direct employment for the locals and the general standard of living of the people increases and unemployment will be on the decline. But there are chances of the tourist causing environmental damage to your country or region through forest fires, destruction of sand dunes and pollution in different like air, sound etc. The increased pollution always disturbs the local people and this can also discourage tourists from entering the country. The general culture of the place becomes commercialized and this increase the litter, graffiti, destruction and noise and most of the time tourists do not respect the place and local cultures and tradition.

Thorough teaching has to be done to the tourist on what to do and what not to do and this helps in improving the industry in a big way. But if done properly, tourism is a profitable business and it has been tested and proved in many countries. Developing countries depend a lot in this industry mainly because the industry does not need literacy and the investment is less and the profit is maximum with less investment. It brings in money to the local economy and government and attracts more population to the area.

Less Poverty

More people bring in more jobs and more jobs means less poverty. The industry also helps the growth of scholastic opportunities because more money is tipped and this gives the families more money to invest in education. The other disadvantages are that there will be more traffic in the air, skies, road, water which invite more pollution in the air, water etc. Risk of crime is more because there are and more people to prey upon. The chances of people working more and extra time are there and this may lead to breaking down the family dynamics because the time spend by the family members is less.

Most cities try hard to get tourists to see the bright side of their city and this is what will prompt the tourists to stay back. Tourism brings in immediate benefits and it can also plant long term benefits that will keep the country going forward. It is also important that the place which is going in promote tourism should have places to attract the tourist. But the tourism of a particular place can be promoted according to the layout of the place.

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