, Population Explosion,

Population Explosion

Any travel which is done for recreation, religious activities, leisure, family, business purposes for a limited period are called tourism. It is associated with trans-national travel and is also referred as travel to another location within the same country. It is one of the most popular industries in the world and is also considered as the most popular global leisure activity. Tourism is the major source of income for many countries and the industry affects the growth of economy of both the source country as well as the host country. International tourism has both incoming and outgoing repercussions and is always one of the first industries to suffer when there is economic slowdown.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like cyclone, floods, tsunami etc also affect the industry. Outbreak of deadly diseases also slows down the industry because people generally do not like to take risks. But when there is slight improvement to the situation this is one of the first industries to get back to normal. Many countries and their governments encourage tourism of different kinds and tourism also help to improve the business relationship with different countries. Many countries like China, Germany, United States of America, Russia, and Brazil encourage tourism in a big way and are earning a lot of foreign currency through this industry.

The industry also brings in a lot of income into the local economy through goods and services needed by the visitors. It is also the perfect industry to create job opportunities for the local people.
Many service industries like the transportation, airlines, cruise ships, taxicabs, hospitality services, hotels and other types of accommodations, entertainment locations like amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, theatres benefits with the flourish of the tourism industry. The industry also helps the shopping sector where many goods are bought by the tourists as souvenirs etc.


Ecotourism is also known as ecological tourism helps to educate the tourist and provides funds for conservation. It benefits the economic developments directly and also helps the political empowerment of the local communities. It helps the tourist to travel to unspoiled, delicate and confined areas and also helps to study a lot on the subject of interest. Recession tourism is the other travel trend which has become famous after the advent of repeated recessions happening in the world.

It is a low cost tourism which happens in once popular destination and many of these destinations have become the happening place because of the low cost of living and each penny worth. There are many places in Asia and Europe which encourages medical tourism and there are many places where the tourist gets the best price for the different treatments. Same is the case with educational tourism and this industry is growing popular because of the people’s thirst for teaching and learning new topics and it also helps to enhance the technical competency outside the four walls of the classroom. These types of tourism help the student to focus on the culture of the country which they are visiting and also help them to apply their skills in different environments.

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