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Distribution and Location of Tech Industries

For any high technology to prosper they should have the ability to recruit and sustain highly skilled research scientist, technicians and engineers. The respective governments and its departments should provide the necessary support infrastructure like material training institute and laboratories. The total environment should be attractive and should have good climate, landscape, services and housing because the high-tech employees prefer such a kind of atmosphere to live and work. Ideal choice of a location will be the location where workers want to live. The area should be low cost Greenfield sites and the area should also have excellent leisure facilities.
Different Amenities

The other amenities which should be there to attract employees’ are golf courses and National Parks. Since the industry requires high-tech labour skills they should look for a place where this kind labour is available. The industries should have high tech communication network and the location should be easily accessible through various modes of transport. The airport, seaport, railway links and road links should be accessible and should be not in distance which is too long. Good accommodation facilities are needed for the employees and for the people who are visiting the company.


Decent hotels should be there in the surrounding areas and these hotels should have conference facilities and it should cater to the company executives. High technology or high tech industries are the kind of industries which has cutting edge, advanced and currently available technology. So the facilities required should also be cutting edge, advanced and currently available. High technology is not a class of technology because all technologies are high tech only at one point of time. The technology which is considered high tech today may not be high tech after certain point of time. As long as the technology is currently available it is high tech.

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High Technology

The name high technology is often referred to the most potential field for advancements and growth in the future. For the economy’s technology sectors which develop advanced technology this can be true. The investments also come as a risk when the expected growth is not up to the mark and the potential is not realised. The high tech industries includes a number of interconnected industries like the high tech systems industries, automotive industries, aerospace industries and steel industries to name a few. Constant and rapid innovation and collaboration with the better companies are very important actions needed in this sector because high competitiveness and high complexities of the industry.

The field of high technology industries have become popular because of the connectivity to different places through the information technology and the Internet. Because of these facilities all these industries are able to connect with each other irrespective of the time and day. High technology industries include artificial intelligence, electrical intelligence, computer technology software, Nuclear Physics, telecommunications, Nanotechnology and Robotics. Apart from these even an industry like sports footwear apparel have become high technology oriented industry because of the stiff competition. These industries have started making high tech shoes from the other general shoes and thus evolving their appearance and engineering and these products cater to the younger generation of the world.