Educational toys for students

Educational Toys For Students

One of the best ways to teach students is providing them with educational toys. There is no need to wait for a celebration or event to gift them with such toys. In fact you can purchase them whenever you spot them at the shop so that they can make the most of the toys in the learning process. These toys not only make great additions in homes but also at many of the schools and learning centers for students.

1. Puzzles

Wonderfoam Giant USA Map Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to keep the minds and hands of kids engaged. You can get different kinds of puzzles in the market and the ones with interlocking pieces, thick foam in bright attractive colors prove to be a great guide in teaching students about different places in the United States of America. Besides this they get to learn the names of capitals of different states and also where the Great Lakes are located. This puzzle suits children who are three and above.

2. Language

Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Doll And CD

The old lady who swallowed a fly doll CD is a wonderful educational toy for children. This is a story telling doll which helps in encouraging learning abilities and development of language in children through play acting that is creative, repetition and rhyming. Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Doll And CD is an educational toy that is most suitable for children five years old and above.

3. Play with numbers

Monopoly Crazy Cash

In the Monopoly line of games, one of the latest additions is the Monopoly Crazy Cash educational game. It is very helpful in teaching basic skills in mathematics to children besides reasoning and logic. This educational game is best suited for students as young as five and above and is a fun way of teaching the students numbers from an early age.

4.  Memory

Mix & Match Doughnuts Memory Game

Mix & Match Doughnuts Memory Game is a one of the best educational toys for small children. It is a memory game with a tasty twist. The game consists of doughnuts and kids have to keep placing the doughnuts with their frosted side downwards. After this they have to start mixing the doughnuts and look out for pairs that match these doughnuts. It’s a great game for improving memory skills in children. Mix & Match Doughnuts Memory Game educational game is best suited and perfect to use for students of pre- Kindergarten going up to the 2nd grade level.

5. Board Games

The All-American Trivia Board Game – Junior Edition

The Junior Edition of All-American Trivia poses students with more than two thousand questions. The questions are available in four different categories like general knowledge, geography, arts and history. This board game educational toy is a great way of educating students on a range of subjects in the most enjoyable and interesting way. It is best suited for students aged nine years and above. In fact even the parents can participate in the game thus enabling top quality time within the entire family.

With the help of these above mentioned top 5 educational toys for students you can feel assured of students playing and working together successfully in the games. The games help in enhancing the learning process within students and develop knowledge of various subjects and improve reasoning and logic. They make a perfect addition to the educational toy collection of your child. In fact they prove to be of great value to parents, educators or teachers and a must have for almost every child within the specific age groups.

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