Extended Essay

What Is The Extended Essay In IBDP?

Students studying at IB schools have to write a paper on a particular topic of interest for the EE or the Extended Essay and the TOK or the Theory of Knowledge to obtain the IB diploma.

What Is The Extended Essay In IDBP

In a paper of 4000 words, the extended essay is a piece of self directed and independent research work. In the IDBP curriculum it is a Diploma Program. At the tertiary level of undergraduate research, the student has to be prepared practically and the diploma in extended essay proves to be very helpful. Besides this, when the student selects a particular subject, it also gives the students a chance in engaging in an in-depth study.

Topic Choices

The extended essay can be done on any topic of your choice which could include Islamic history, geography, English, economics, etc. To aim high you will need to get a good score in the EE as it is later combined with the score obtained in the Theory of Knowledge.

How Does The Extended Essay Help

• On the researching process, a lot of emphasis is laid upon.

• During the research, ideas are communicated, arguments are developed, appropriate questions are formulated for the research and the student engages in exploring the topic on a personal level.

• Capacity of the student for increased participation also develops. The student learns to synthesize, analyse and conduct an evaluation of knowledge. Supervisors or the concerned teacher of the school also provides related guidance and advice to the student all through the process of researching in the extended essay.

Requirements For The Extended Essay

• In the IB Diploma Program, one of the essential requirements is the EE or the Extended Essay. Students get the opportunity for conducting research on any of the topics they are interested in and accordingly conduct an independent and detailed research. Topic of research is selected freely as long as there is a supervisor for the subject and there is a teacher for that particular subject in the IB school.

• In total it is necessary for the student to spend around forty hours to the EE as per the recommendations of the IBO. It is not wise to put off the work to the last moment or the end of the week as the research work would not be of excellent quality. Hence a wiser decision is to talk to the supervisor at the IB school since the deadlines will be set by the supervisor of the school. Guidelines will be provided for topic selection, outline formation, preparing the rough as well as final draft, besides other things.

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How To Go About The Research

• The first thing to do is identify a topic you feel interested in. If the topic does not interest you, then the chances are that you will not work on it.

• Ensure to remain on top of the work.

• Avoid getting appalled by word count required for the EE task. All that you need is follow the guidelines that have been set out for you and you will find it easier to finish the work.

• Avoid getting stressed out. If research is conducted properly then completing the 4000 word extended essay will not be tough at all. Ensure that the first draft that is made is around six to eight thousand words at least. Just like other assignments, the EE could make you even hate the topic you have selected hence you need to select a topic that interest you that can help in motivating you till the very end.

• Ensure that the focus on the subject is specific instead of selecting a subject area that is general.

• Refer to the explanations and official guidelines provided.

• The extended essay must be some form of a particular cause and effect. In other words it should be specific as well as focused. Look out for examples for selecting the title.

• You could also check out with students who have done the extended essay in the past or even the IB coordinator. Many of the students keep a record of every EE. The only thing you need to ensure is that there is no copying or plagiarism.

How To Make A Good Extended Essay

• Try to allot a lot of time to write on the EE which should be a topic of interest to you. Your age must just be around sixteen or eighteen years old when you are attempting the EE for the IB diploma and the IBO understands that. A new ground breaking discovery or a perfect essay may not be expected out of you. All that the IBO is interested in is whether you have the capacity to work and be able to accomplish a big project.

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• Make sure that you are familiar with the selected topic.

• Take part in scholarship opportunities or essay competitions which could provide you with a chance to enter the EE. By doing this, 2 birds could be killed in one stone and with the scholarship attained you could even heat off to the university too, who knows. Otherwise at least you are able to get a feedback on the kind of essay you have written.

• The task is not at all overwhelming.

• Maintain accurate, consistent and legitimate notes, including information of the bibliographic type.

• Refer to the internet and books for finding information and read with a critical eye. Staying away from gossip media also helps.

Why Is The Extended Essay Important

It is very essential to complete the Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge to get the diploma at the IB school. Towards the IB diploma, at least three points get added as bonus, when you do the EE. Hence it is important to remember that school work should not be ignored and the course is worth a lot more. In the IBO form, the ‘Diploma Points Matrix for the TOK and EE, is outlined. If in case you get an ‘Elementary’ in one and a ‘Mediocre’ in the other, the student will still be able to get the IB diploma. It is however best to avoid getting a poor grade as it will indicate a failing condition. To obtain the diploma you will need at least 28 points at the minimum.

How Are Points Awarded

The IB appoints examiners or the external assessors to examine or mark the extended essays on a scale of 0 to 36. At a ratio of 2:1, the ‘subject-specific’ and ‘general’ criteria are marked. Accordingly 12 marks are award to the subject specific criteria and 24 marks to the general criteria. Grades A to E are provided to the total marks obtained. In the past if a student received a failing grade in the TOK or EE, the IB diploma would still be awarded. However post 2010 the student will be eligible to get the IB diploma only is 28 points are obtained overall.