IBDP English paper 1 Guidelines

When planning for paper 1, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Read both the passages and then decide on the text you wish to respond to.

Annotate the text in the first 15/20 minutes and identify evidence to comment on:

  • Overview
    • Themes
    • Setting
    • Tone (author’s / poet’s)
    • Mood (reader’s)
    • Emotions (characters’)
    • Purpose
    • Language
    • Structure (very important in the case of poetry)
    • Title (very important in the case of poetry)
    • Characters and characterizations
    • Audience

For all of the above aspects you should:

  • Identify evidence/quotes
    • Identify literary devices in those quotes
    • Explain the effect of the literary device(s)
    • Display contextual understanding of the significance of the aspect.
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