IBDP English paper 2 Guidelines

When planning for paper 2, keep the following guidelines in mind:


  • Read the questions carefully and choose any one judiciously
    • Identify the keywords in the question that you need to respond to
    • Narrow down on your texts and for the first 15/20 minutes and identify evidence to respond to the question.

The response:

You need a good introduction that clearly mentions your chosen texts and understanding of the aspect in the question and its significance in both plays.

For each of the subsequent paragraphs you should present:

  • A thesis statement indicating what the paragraph will discuss
    • Evidence from the plays that provide contextual substantiation for you to strengthen your thesis/point
    • The literary device in the quote/section of the text being explored as evidence
    • Appreciation of the effect of the literary device embedded by the playwright
    • Contextual explanation to display your implicit understanding of the text