IGCSE success

How to achieve top scores in IGCSE: The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a world renowned curriculum. Many see it as a gateway to admission into reputed How to achieve top scores in IGCSEuniversities of the world. This is absolutely true for the child is equipped for it once he goes through this curriculum. As it has grown in popularity, more schools all over the world are opting for it. The University of Cambridge has a not-for-profit- department which is researching continuously for the betterment of the course. It is sought after for its wide range of subjects, training programmes and the flexibility of the curriculum

How to achieve top scores in IGCSE

Tips to do Well in the Exam

  • Preparation and proper revision is the key to good scores in the exam.
  • Then there are few tips that can be followed on the exam days.
  • A thorough reading of the question paper is absolutely essential. This helps the candidate to answer all the questions. It is observed that a few marks are always lost as the candidate misses out to answer some question.
  • Complete attention should be on the paper once the exam commences, not giving way to any kind of distraction.
  • There can be questions for which the student does not know the answer or knows only a part answer. It is not advisable to spend too much time on questions for which the answers are not known. If this is done a lot of time will be wasted.
  • It can be looked into after the full paper is over.
  • Too much time spent on unknown question will create time issues in finishing the paper.
  • The whole paper should be finished at least 15 minutes before; for this gives enough time for rechecking the answers.
  • The mark scheme should be studied well in advance. Sometime there can be achnage in the mark scheme. The student has to be updated.
  • Bullet point can be written for paragraph answers which carry 5 marks. This saves time.
  • If the student is not calm, he can get confused with the right and wrong answer. If the student has written a wrong answer, it has to be scored off in a single stroke. If by chance the answer is correct, the student has a chance of getting grades for it.
  • In case it is a Math paper or a paper where sums are to be written make sure the workings are done clearly and neatly. Even if the answer is not right some marks will be given for the working if it is correct.
  • All the working in the Math paper should be written. The student cannot arrive at the answer without any working shown. And if the answer is wrong but the working is right, the child can score a few marks for that question.
  • The student has to be positive while writing the exam. Only this will keep the student focus on the paper.

As seen there are no shortcuts to success but some smart tips can be used to score that little bit more by following them.

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