Jatindranath Mukherjee (December 7, 1879 – September 10, 1915) also known as Bagha Jatin was born in Kushtia, Bangladesh.  This Bengali revolutionary against British rule in India was the principal leader of a central association of revolutionaries in Bengal, called the Jugantar party. He took active part in the Indian Independence movement, Christmas Day Plot and Indo-German Conspiracy. During World War I he was responsible for the planned German Plot. He obtained the promise of arms and ammunition from Germany shortly before the War by meeting up with the German Crown-Prince in Calcutta.

His other great original contribution was inspiring Indian soldiers in favor of an insurrection in different regiments. Even as a child, this born leader was known widely for his courage and physical strength. He was very charitable and jovial as a kid showing no discrimination between people for their religious or social status. During his student years he founded the Anushilan Samiti in 1900 in Calcutta. The Samiti worked towards killing supporters and officials of the British Government. Bagha Jatin was the title he attained for bravely using a Gorkha dagger for killing a leopard that was causing trouble in the village in Koya. Authorities of the British Government tracked him and shot him in a gunfight. He breathed his last at Balasore hospital on September 10, 1915.