Teenager from India develops device with potential to revolutionize dementia care.

dementia care

Dementia care: A 17-year-old from India transforms concern for his grandmother into a groundbreaking device with the help of YouTube robotics tutorials. The device, named Alpha Monitor, detects falls or wandering in Alzheimer’s patients, surpassing current technologies. Lightweight and compact, it utilizes long-range technology, LoRa, allowing detection over a mile in cities and three miles in the countryside. Hemesh Chadalavada, a self-taught robotics enthusiast, developed 20 prototypes and spent time at an Alzheimer’s day center to understand user needs. The Alpha Monitor also measures vital signs and medication reminders, with plans for further enhancements using machine learning. Chadalavada won a £100,000 grant from the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest and aims for a September market release at an affordable price. His goal is to study robotics abroad and create products benefiting people globally.

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