Ten Best Story Books for Children – 5 to 12

One of the most integral parts in the development of the child is being read to by an adult, some of the most interesting books. Children get exposed to various situations, letters, colors, shapes and words, through story books for children.

1.Cookie’s Week

Writer: Cindy Ward

This is a short and funny book containing the story of a mischievous cat. It is a simple and sweet story of the antics of a mischievous cat all through the week. Readers having experienced the frustrations and joys of bringing up a kitten are sure to appreciate the humor and warmth of the story.

2. Stranger In The Woods

Writer: Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

This is a charming story is about the thoughts and reactions of the animals as they make a decision on whether the stranger, a snowman in the woods who arrives after a storm in winter, is a foe or friend.

3. Froggy Goes To School

Writer: Jonathan London

The mother of Froggy knows that children get nervous while attending the first day in school. However Froggy leaps flop flop flop along with his mother to the bus stop and says that he will not get nervous. The story helps in calming the jitters of pre-schoolers especially with the exuberant antics of Froggy.

4. Llama, Llama Red Pajama

Writer Anna Dewdney

The story is about Baby Llama who cries and worries when she had to go downstairs since dad and mom are out of sight during bed time. The fun book helps children in learning that it is alright even if parents are not in sight.

5. Where The Wild Things Are

Writer: Maurice Sendak

The story is about Max who is sent to bed without being served supper. He imagines sailing away to the land where there are wild things and he is made a king there. The book can spark the imaginations of both the old as well as young as the illustrations are truly splendid.

6. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything

Writer: Linda Williams

This is a classic story with some clever reworking. The little old lady has a fearless attitude. There is a pumpkin head, shirt, pants and lively shoes chasing her and she makes use of clever solutions to enchant the young readers. The book has brilliantly detailed and has colored illustrations of folk art.

7. The Cat In The Hat

Writer: Dr.Suess

The story is about poor Sally the sister and Dick the brother who are stuck in the house when it is wet and cold outside on a rainy day. A huge cat in a hat shows up with madcap adventure and in the process wreck the house. This is a classic book with a lot of rhyming and word repetitions.

8. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Writer: Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault

The quality full sized book has a many familiar words which the readers will be able to recite joyfully. It becomes a perennial favorite and instant hit with the cheerful and bold pictures and lively rhymes.

9. Dinosaur Train

Writer: John Steven Gurney

The story is about Jesse a preschooler who lives and dreams for two things that are trains and dinosaurs. He hears an ‘All Aboard’ cry and a loud noise one night and he embarks on an exciting ride in the train with dinosaurs of all sorts. He has a great adventure living and eating with them. The book has brilliant illustration to keep the young readers hooked.

10. The Lorax

Writer: Dr. Seuss

The book is about caring about the planet and all other things that it encompasses. It is a warning about the danger to the natural beauty because of the mindless progress mankind has been making.

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