Tips On Report Writing

Certain people may find the task of writing a report a terrifying one, just like giving a speech. Only if you keep writing a number of reports and keep in mind a few tips it will be possible to write the best of reports.

Table of Contents

• Decide Upon Objectives And Aims

Before you start writing a report, make sure you decide the main objectives and aims of the report. You need to talk to the person who has requested you to write the report once again in case of doubt.

• Keep the reader in Mind

The background, familiarity with knowledge of technical terms, the subject, the education level etc of the reader will have to be kept in mind at the time of report writing.

• Information To Include In The Report

A decision will have to be made of the information to be provided in the report and sources from where it can be obtained. Sources for obtaining facts are a must if a good report is to be written.

• Select The Layout

The kind of layout to be used has to be selected. Tone and style to be used, approximate length of the report, etc will have to be kept in mind. You will need to think of the reader and accordingly write the report in a way that he understands it. Ensure the report has a clear beginning, middle as well as end.

• General Outline

The report’s general outline also has to be planned. On the subject and the contents to be reported, you can make brief notes. You can mention the title which helps in focusing the mind on the report’s real subject.

• Sections

Sections like index, table of contents, title page or title, appendices, circulation list, summary, conclusion, recommendations, glossary, bibliography, etc are also incorporated while writing the report.

• Collect Information

From the sources you have decided upon, you can start gathering information. Sources for information could be surveys, the internet, experts, people, etc. and accordingly select the material required. Even if too much of material is collected, you can select only what is relevant which can make the report clear and concise.

• Maintain Logical Sequence

Once all the information is gathered, it will have to be put in logical sequence. This will help in giving the report’s outline. You can have a rough idea of the length of the report.

• Interpret The Information

Information has to be interpreted before writing the report. This is necessary for drawing conclusions and in turn making recommendations. You will need to look at the material in an objective and logical manner.

• Neat Presentation

Make sure you check the report thoroughly so that the report is presented neatly. Check out fact accuracy, punctuation, spelling and grammar. Reading the report two to three times is very important to ensure that it is will allow better and clear reading for the reader. If the points are numbered and a lot of white space is maintained, the report will surely appear visually good.

While writing the report, if you follow important tips and guidelines, you will not only write reports that are better in every way, but you may even begin to enjoy the job of writing reports. If you know how to write reports well, then your work is sure to stand out well.

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