Uses, provision and competition for water resources

Water is the most abundant resource in the earth but the fact is that only one percent of the total supply is reliable and available for human consumption. Human beings need water for survival but the water related diseases are the most common health threat to the developing world. Human existence depends solely on water and the geo-sphere, atmosphere and the biosphere are all connected to water. Water connects with the solar energy to determine the earth’s climate and it changes and transports the physical as well as the chemical substances needed for all living creature on earth including human beings.

Misuse of Freshwater

Because of the scarcity of water and hence it a valuable resource there is growing water scarcity and misuse of freshwater which is posing serious threats to the development. There is stiff competition among agriculture, industries and cities for the limited water supplies and this competition can increase the density of the conflicts. With the population expanding and economies growing the conflict for water is going to be fierce in the coming years. Mismanagement of water is the biggest threat human beings are facing and this is prevalent in small communities, large cities, farmers, industries, developing countries and industrialized economies.

The quality of the surface is declining in the major basins because of the urban and industrial wastes. The concept of usage of ground water is slowly but steadily deteriorating because the groundwater is polluted from surface source and also permanently damaged by the interference of salt water. Most of the advanced cities are unable to provide adequate drinking water and water for sanitation facilities. This is mainly because of water logging and salinization and because of this the irrigation lands are disappearing. Since the water flow has reduced it is affecting the production of hydroelectric power generation, pollution absorption and affecting the fish and wildlife habitats.

Agriculture is not the largest water user

Agriculture is not the world’s largest water user in terms of volume. It is relatively low-value, low-efficiency and highly subsidized water user. This is the main reason why the different governments are encouraging agriculture in a big way. Domestic spending for irrigation controlled agricultural budgets in many countries. The budget for agriculture were really good for countries like China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and many other countries. The water problems are not directly related to the agricultural sector but two third of the water withdrawn from the rivers, lakes and aquifers is used for irrigation purposes.

There are major rivalries, conflicts, misuse, shortages and degradation of water resources and the decision makers are concentrating more on agriculture as the system’s safety valve. Water is formed as part of a hydrological cycle as water circulates round the planet. The radiation from the sun and wind energy causes evaporation of water and it rises as vapours and form clouds. This vapour condenses and falls back to the earth in form of rain, snow or hail. For the normal fall of rain, hail or snow the conditions needs to be right and human beings should stop abusing the natural resources.

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