What Is The Green-House Effect?

What Is The Green-House Effect?

What Is The Green-House Effect? – In the atmosphere’s troposphere there are a number of gases present like methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor, chlorofluorocarbon and many other gases. Surface of the earth gets covered by these gases which make a thick canopy which is very much like an artificial greenhouse covered in glass. Solar radiations enter in the surface of the earth through this dense canopy which is made up of various kinds of gases.

The only thing is that the solar radiation is not able to reflect back after the insolation takes place. Absorption of the solar radiation takes place in the atmosphere due to which the earth’s temperature increases. The earth’s temperature is increasing in the recent years causing the greenhouse effect just as it takes place in an artificial greenhouse. The greenhouse effect is caused due the greenhouse gases. Due to the greenhouse effect the amount of gas extent has increased to choloroflurocarbon up to 25%, carbon dioxide increase to 57%, nitrogen to 6% and methane up to 12%.

Why Is The Greenhouse Effect Important?

If in the atmosphere there had not been any greenhouse gases then all the solar radiation that made an entry into the surface of the earth would escape in the air. Restoration of heat would not take place on the earth in such a case and would lead to low temperature levels. Life would never be able to sustain on earth at low temperature levels. In such a case, the greenhouse effect becomes an important factor for survival on planet earth.

What Is The Green-House Effect?

What Are The Adverse Effects, Greenhouse Can Have On Earth?
The content of greenhouse gases is only increasing by the day on this earth due to different human activities. This is leading to an increase in temperature levels which is followed by negative effects.

The greenhouse effect affects plants and animals in various ways. The greenhouse effect also has a big effect on plants. The composition of soil, cycle of water and moisture in the soil get affected. With such an affect there is a change seen also in the periods of harvesting as well as cultivation. Insects that cause diseases also increase, breed and grow due to the greenhouse effect. In the temperate regions, tropical plants also start growing. In animals different kinds of diseases are caused like cholera, diarrhea, malaria, filaria, etc.

The number of pathogenic insects also gradually increases due to the greenhouse effect.

Causes Of The Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse gases are needed but in specific quantities only. However it has been seen that due to the industrial revolution as well these gases have increased to great extent. Mankind has benefited a lot by the industrial revolution but due to population increase the consumption of people too has increased.

Emissions From Industries

Emissions from industries have increased as a result of which global warming is on the increase. Many of the industries release industrial gases termed as fluorinated gases like sulfur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons as well as perfluorocarbons. In place of ozone depleting substances, such gas are used which lead to the increase of greenhouse effect. Such gases are also called as GWP gases or Global Warming Potential gases due to which the greenhouse effect gets elevated. One of the major greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has been the main cause for increasing global temperature by around one to three degrees C.

Depleting forests

Burning up of rainforests, forest fires, cutting down of trees or deforestation etc has also led to the greenhouse effect on planet earth. There are lesser trees to absorb the carbon dioxide released into the air, besides which the population has been increasing drastically over the years. Not much of an effort is being made to plant a significant number of trees.

Increase in electronic waste


People all over the world are using electronic gadgets and devices, but there is no efficient disposal system in place to dispose electronic items. The rate of e-waste or electronic waste is also on the increase in the present times.

Greenhouse Gas Sources

There are a number of sources from where the greenhouse gases come. There are a number of human activities besides a few natural processes that lead to release of greenhouse gases. When sewage and domestic waste decomposes a gas called methane is produced. In the same way when fossil fuels like natural gases, coal and oil burn up, then carbon dioxide is produced. Fossil fuels are also being largely used to manufacture devices, substances, used for transportation, heating purposes etc.

What Is The Green-House Effect?

Carbon dioxide is also released by aircrafts, activities of different industries and vehicles plying on the roads, etc. From spraying cans, refrigerators and air conditioners a greenhouse gas called CFC or chlorofluorocarbon is released. When some of the organic compounds oxidize and in the process of vaporization from water resources, water vapor is released in to the air.

Predictions made on greenhouse effect on earth in future

Predictions have already been made by the scientists that by the middle of the next century the temperature level will be much higher as compared to what it is in today’s times. Such a temperature is guaranteed to have a devastating effect on the planet earth. Mankind needs to put in all the efforts to curtail industries and prevent release of greenhouse gases. The effect of greenhouse is definitely necessary to keep the planet warm enough but not too much that it can damage the earth and survival of living things on it.

Bodies of humans may have to function at a temperature level that is very high leading to health issues in the bargain.

What to do

A lot of efforts are being put in by man to use alternative systems of energy like the wind turbines and the solar PV cells. This alternative helps generate electricity and has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. Man can grow more trees, avoid cutting down trees, use paper wisely, use eco friendly vehicles on the roads and become as eco friendly as possible.

What Is The Green-House Effect?