Chittaranjan Das (November 5, 1879 – June 16, 1925) famously known as Deshbandhu, ‘Friend of the Nation’ was born in Kolkata. He was a prominent Indian lawyer, politician and activitist in the Indian National Movement. In the period when British occupied , Chittaranjan Das, India, he founded and led the Swaraj Party in Bengal. Chittaranjan Das belonged to a highly cultured and educated family and later became solicitor by profession. Besides this he worked as editor and reporter in the Brahmo Public Opinion. In 1890 he completed graduation from the Presidency College in Kolkata. In 1908 in the Alipur bomb case, he defended Aurobindo Ghose and became famous in his career. Amongst young freedom fighters of India, he instilled the idea of Swaraj.

Chittaranjan Das

During the period 1917 to 1925 he was actively involved in politics. His great political insight and innate skills in public speaking made him a prominent figure in the Indian National Congress. Chittaranjan Das gave the cottage industry a new face and with the help of local cooperative credit society and self government systems put in ideas to reconstruct villages. In the Non-Cooperation movement he joined hands with Mahatma Gandhi. He had a flair for writing and believed in self rule and non-violence. Besides this he aided movements for widow re-marriage, women’s liberation and self-rule. He passed away on June 16, 1925 in Darjeeling.