Krishnaji Gopal Karve

Krishnaji Gopal Karve also known as Anna Karve, was born in 1887 in Nashik. He was an Indian revolutionary and freedom fighter. He completed his graduation in BA (Hons) and took admission for the LLB course at Mumbai University.  Not only was he an active member of the Abhinav Bharat Society in Nashik, Maharashtra, but was also known well for the Independence movement in India. Charged with anti-British activities and feelings, he formed revolutionary groups with other revolutionaries like Vinayak Narayan Deshpande, Baburao Savarkar and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

He was hanged to death on April 19, 1910, in Thane, Maharashtra. He along with Vinayak Narayan Deshpande and Anant Laxman Kanhere shot the collector of Nashik, Jackson, on December 21, 1909. Karve and Vinayak were ready to kill Jackson, if in case Anant Lakshman Kanhere failed to shoot Jackson dead. Anant was successful in killing Jackson and committed suicide, to save his partners and take complete responsibility of the killing. The Bombay High Court sentenced him to death. This martyr along with the two revolutionaries was hanged on April 19, 1910 in Thane Jail. Instead of handing over their bodies to relatives, the British officers burnt their bodies instead. Their ‘ashthi’ was thrown in the sea near Thane.

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