Margaret Eleanor Atwood is a poet, essayist, environmental activist, novelist, and inventor born in Ontario, Ottawa, Canada on November 18, 1939. She has won the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade and is also winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. Five times, she was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and won it once. Several times, she has been finalist for the Governor General’s Award and won it twice. She founded a non-profit literary organization called Writer’s Trust of Canada to encourage the writing community in Canada. She is the founding trustee of the Griffin Poetry Prize amongst huge literature contributions in Canada. She is Director and Co-Founder of Syngrafi Inc a company that develops, produces and distributes LongPen Technology since 2004. Atwood is the developer and inventor of the Longpen and other technologies to facilitate remote robotic document writing.

Literary contribution

Margaret Atwood the most eminent Canadian, poet and novelist, writes books for children, short stories, radio scripts, screenplays and critical studies. Her work has been translated into more than 30 languages. The Circle Game in 1964 was her first poetry book publication, for which she received the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry in Canada. She introduced poetry collections like Interlunar in 1988, Morning in the Burned House in 1995 and Eating Fire: Selected Poetry from the period 1965 to 1998. She wrote short fiction books including Other Stories and Dancing Girls in 1982, Wilderness Tips in 1991 and Good Bones in 1992. The Edible Woman was her first novel in 1969, Surfacing in 1973, Lady Oracle in 1977, Life Before Man in 1980, Bodily Harm in 1982 and The Handmaid’s Tale in 1986. Cat’s Eye in 1989, The Robber Bride in 1993, Alias Grace in 1996, The Blind Assassin in 2000, Oryx and Crake in 2003 and other fiction are also her latest contributions.

Writing Style

Margaret Atwood uses a similar writing style in her poetry, short stories and novels. Her style of writing is not just distinctive but very effective as well.  One of her finest talents is her sense of description. She is known well for her novels in which creates enigmatic and strong female characters and also she excels in telling stories that are open ended.

Significant themes

Margaret Atwood’s work reinforces themes of political chaos and the effect it has on women in a patriarchal society. This feminist writer uses symbolism and parallelism as springboards. Her work deals with ways men empower women but also ways in which they manage to hurt each other. Through her writings she shows her concern with issues like male brutality in patriarchal society, female-male relationships, female sexuality and body image.


Margaret Atwood is the middle child out of three siblings. She has a younger sister and older brother. Her full name is Margaret Eleanor “Peggy” Atwood. She skipped 7th Grade and was home schooled until the eighth Grade. She studied at the University in Toronto and earned her Master’s degree at Harvard at the Radcliffe College. She has had a long term relationship with the author Graeme Gibson. The novel Handmaid’s Tale was made into a movie.