R.C. Majumdar

Author: R.C. Majumdar

Profile: Ramesh Chandra Majumdar popularly known as R.C. Majumdar was a professor of Indian history. Born in Bangladesh in a Vaidya family he went on later to become the former Sheriff of Kolkata. He completed his education at Presidency University, Surendranath College and University of Calcutta with the help of scholarships. His childhood years were spent in poverty. R.C.Majumdar started his career as a lecturer and then became the professor of history at the University of Calcutta and then Principal of the College of Indology, BHU.  His work included extensive research on ancient and Vedic Indian history.

Writing style: R.C.Majumdar travelled extensively and wrote detailed histories of Champa (1927), Suvarnadvipa (1929) and Kambuja Desa. From the year 1951 and thereafter for 26 long years he wrote 11 volumes describing the history of Indian people from the Vedic Period to the present day.

Published Texts:

1924 – The Early History of Bengal, Dacca

1927 – Champa, Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East

Suvarnadvipa, Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Vol.II Calcutta

1943 – The History of Bengal

1944 – Kambuja Desa Or An Ancient Hindu Colony in Cambodia

1960 – An Advanced History of India

1951-1977 – The History and Culture of the Indian People

1977 – Ancient India

History of the Freedom movement in India (in three volumes)

Vakataka – Gupta Age Circa 200-550

Main currents of Indian history

Classical accounts of India

1944 – Hindu Colonies in the Far East

1979 – India and South-East Asia, I.S.P.Q.S. History and Archaeology Series Vol.6

1979 – The History of Ancient Lakshadweep

Corporate Life in Ancient India

Awards and Acknowledgements:

1907 – First class scholarship from Surendranath College

1913 – Premchand Roychand scholarship from the University of Calcutta for his research work

1914 – Doctorate for his thesis in ‘Corporate Life in Ancient India’

1921 – Professor of History at the newly established University of Dacca as wel as Dean of the Faculty of Arts

1937 to 1942 – Vice Chancellor as Head of the Department of History at the University of Dacca

1950 – Principal of the College of Indology, Benares Hindu University

General President of the Indian History Congress

Vice President of the International Commission (set up by the UNESCO for the history of mankind)

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