SGCSE Student Guide

If you are an Art student and want to excel, then, then there are some great resources available online these days. Lots of websites are dedicated towards helping Art students excel in their IGCSE exams. Outstanding grades can be obtained by simply following the student art guide accessible online.

Access New Techniques, Tips And Ideas

Students who achieve high grades in exams as well as experienced teachers publish many techniques, tips and new ideas online every week, which you can access. The best thing about availing these resources is that they are absolutely free. Art students can not only find satisfaction in their work but in the process also become very famous.

Access Free Learning And Teaching Resources

Be it for self directed learning or for classrooms, there are a number of learning and teaching resources, up to date and comprehensive articles available free of charge online.

Ideas On Still Like

Students or teachers needing inspiration or feeling stuck can make the most of ideas on still life. True and tried favorites which for generations have been used by art teachers are included in the huge online collection. Contemporary and unusual still life topics available used by art teachers are available for reference.

Art Guides

Art guides in both electronic and hardcopy format are available. All across the world, Art departments of high school bring out outstanding sketch book pages that are so useful for Art students.

Private Tutors Accessible Online

High school art students can also make the most of online and face to face tutoring these days. Well qualified and experienced private art tutors are accessible to students.

Easy And Easy To Understand Art Lessons

Emergency, printable and free easy lessons in art can be made use of as well. At a simple click of a computer button, great one-off lessons can be printed in huge collection. Just basic materials like a printer and paper are needed for accomplishing this task. No need to worry about any mess, dangerous equipment’s or elaborate procedures.

Color Blind Tests Absolutely Free

Color is an important factor in art. If the designer or artist is color blind, then the implications could be quite severe. Color blind tests are also available for free nowadays.

Selection Of Good Project Idea

Inspiration is easy to gain if students have a look at art work of various artists. Art topics interpreted by students in the past are good to use as examples. Examiner reports will also prove to be excellent reference material. Weak submissions will not help you gain good marks. If you plan photographing an event yourself, then it is a great idea, instead of considering other interpretations which you think may be interesting.

The other recommendation to get prepared for the IGCSE art exam is to be quick in brainstorming ideas. Instead of selecting a new topic, a better idea is to consider one that the coursework has prepared you for. It would be beneficial if a topic that allows working from first-hand observation in the class is selected.