High quality life can be achieved when natural resources are available in plenty and easily. For this one has to conserve and manage the resources and with this economic security of the community can be achieved. It helps to balance the economic development when there is natural environment to support and sustain the community. Anybody will love to have high quality life like clean air and water, excellent jobs, recreation opportunities- both indoor and outdoor, landscapes that is pleasing to your eyes, low traffic, less noise, people who are healthy and cheerful, reasonable and good health care, home and community gardens, fresh food, wind protection, assorted fish and wildlife, quality time with family and friends and many more.

Resource Management

Environment resource management has to be in place to have an environment where human beings can stay. It is the basic interaction and impact of human societies on the environment. Environment resource management should make sure that the ecosystem services are protected and managed. This is good for the present generation and more for the generation of the future. It will also maintain ecosystem reliability through bearing in mind the moral, economical and scientific variables. The resources can be classified into two called biotic resources and abiotic resources. Living organisms in the environment like trees, animals, insects etc. are called biotic resources.

Any non-living things like earth, air, water, metal, rocks etc are abiotic resources. Agricultural crops, water, wildlife, forest etc are renewable resources and fossil fuel etc. is non-renewable resources. Resources owned by individual like land owned by farmers, house etc. are called individual resources and the ones owned by community are called community owned resources. Graveyard, park, burial ground etc come sunder this category. Government land, roads, canals, railways etc are national resources and ocean, sea etc. are international resources. It is important that these resources are conserved and managed for the future.

Develop Desert and Places with Wind

There are other resources like desert and places where there is lots of wind energy. These places have to be developed properly for the future of any nation and the place where resources have been developed should be maintained for the benefit of the human beings, irrespective of the caste or creed. Tapping the stock resources are also needed for the benefit of the human beings. Stock resources are resources which are available but without proper technology to use them, like the lack of technology to use oxygen or hydrogen as fuel. With the growing population in the world all possible resources will have to be tapped before other resources gets dried up.

People will also have to keep in mind that the environment is not damaged for the sake of development. Sustainable development has to happen in all the places other the mistakes done by our ancestors will be repeated. The resources available have to be distributed properly and for resource planning has to be done. The planning of resource is very important in third world countries where resources are not distributed properly. Proper planning of judicious use of resources can reduce or completely destroy the misuse of resources.