Japanese Author – Kabi Nagata


Kabi Nagata is a Japanese writer and manga artist who became famous with one book ‘My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness’.


Kabi Nagata was born on 28th May 1987 in Japan. She wanted to become a manga artist and she started it when she was in the 4th year of the elementary school. She kept drawing and as she grew her desire to become a mangaka also grew. But she was not getting much work. So she decided to experiment with her own story. In an interview she said,” When I first debuted as a manga artist, I barely got any work and only released things once a year. But drawing manga is the only thing I can do. Then I started thinking about how to make a living off this. That’s when I decided to base stories off my own private self.I have no hesitations about exposing myself for the sake of manga.”She won ‘The Anime Awards’ 2017 in the “Manga of the Year” category. The work that made her globally famous was her autobiographical manga ‘My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness’. This comic became the second-best selling comic in the first week of publishing in North America.


Nagata was a comic strip artist and the genre she was most comfortable was humour. The style and genre of her work is evidentin that one book which made her famous. ‘My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness’ is graphical story but there is honest and raw pain in its depiction. There is dark humour and the art is minimalist. It is a story of a twenty-eight year old woman who struggles with her sexuality and mental health. She does not seek or avoid friends or sex. She just subsists.

Popular works by the author

The sequels to ‘My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness’,‘My Solo Exchange Diary’ also became popular.

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