Japanese Author – Tomihiko Morimi


Tomihiko Morimi is a Japanese writer whose works became popular and were made into feature films or TV series. He lives in Nara with his family and commutes to Kyoto for his work.


Tomihiko Morimi was born On January 6th 1979 in Nara prefecture. He studied agriculture and graduated in the same from the Kyoto University. He moved to Tokyo for some time but is back in Nara, his hometown. He started writing when he was studying in the university. TomihikoMorimi has written more than thirteen novels and short stories. In 2003 his novel ‘Taiyou no Tou’ won the 15th Japan Fantasy Novel Award. The novel ‘Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei’ was nominated for the Seiun Prize in 2006 and this novel was made into an animation TV serial, the Japanese way, in 2010. He got married on January 6th 2009.


To write about Tomihiko’s writing one has to know about the city of Kyoto as most of his stories are based on this city. The city was Japan’s capital for thousand years before 1868. It was a city of modern and the ancient. The carnivals and festivals which carried centuries-old tradition were in stark contrast to the modernism seen. In an interview Tomihiko has said, “It actually wasn’t until after that first book came out that I realized Kyoto was such a great setting for my novels.” This fascinated the writer. His works bridge the gap between these ages and trends. He concentrates on the modern romance and the landscape. The writer also said, “Fiction is basically a world of untruths. But I feel like in Kyoto, the untruths don’t get in the way.” His works appealed to the young and old and was tailor-made to be animated.Tomihiko adds colour and brightness to the otherwise drab world of modern Japan’s world of literature.

Popular works by the author

The books published in English were ‘The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl’ and ‘Penguin Highway’. Other popular works of TomihikoMorimi are ‘Fox Tales’, ‘The Eccentric Family’, ‘Love Letter Techniques ‘.

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